Insightful Moments at the Von Miller Pass Rush Summit

During the Von Miller Pass Rush Summit in Nevada, an event attracting top-tier football athletes, Cameron Jordan, the defensive end for the New Orleans Saints, made an impactful statement. Impressively, he managed to critique Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins, despite the miles separating them.

Focusing on Speed in Decision-Making

Jordan engaged his fellow pass rushers with a keen emphasis on the speed of actions on the football field. He highlighted the value of quick decision-making, contrasting it with slower, more cautious thought processes. During this speech, he indirectly jabbed at Cousins’ perceived lack of decision-making speed.

Decoding Jordan’s Theory on Decision-Making

Jordan explained, “You see a little, you see a lot, and you see a lot, you see a little.” This is a popular saying in sports that emphasizes the importance of focus and decision-making. When a player sees a “little,” or focuses on a particular aspect of the game, they can extrapolate more (“see a lot”) about what’s happening. Conversely, if they’re trying to take in everything (“see a lot”), they might miss crucial details (“see a little”).

Kirk Cousins: A Case Study

Further expressing his idea, Jordan stated, “In this game, everybody knows a fast, wrong decision could be a right decision. And a fast, right decision, you’re a winner. And a slow, right decision, get your ass on the bench. Because there’s somebody out here who’s going to be moving at a different speed. Slow, right decisions, we love ’em, call ’em ‘Kirk Cousins.'”

In this portion, he labels a “slow, right decision” as a “Kirk Cousins,” referencing the Vikings’ quarterback as an embodiment of his argument. In the fast-paced world of football, Jordan implies that even if a decision is correct, being slow to make it could render it less valuable or even detrimental, as opponents won’t wait. By metaphorically linking Kirk Cousins with “slow, right decisions,” he underscores his philosophy about the vital importance of speed in football strategy.

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